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A = 1. Gruppe 17.00 Uhr - 18.15 Uhr

B = 2. Gruppe 18.20 Uhr - 19.40 Uhr

Programm 30.05. bis 04.07.2022



A: Reunited (N. Poulsen)

B: Repetition



A: Repetition

B: Repetition


10. - 12.06.2022

Linedance-Weekend in Saas-Almagell



A: I'm On My Way (M. Gallagher)

B: Starlights (M. Gallagher, G. O'Reilly)



A: You Got Gold (Y. Andersen)

B: Repetition



A: Repetition

B: Thelma & Louise (S. Civa, J. Rossato)



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Gelernte Tänze


1. Halbjahr 2022


Gruppe A

Afire With Desire (Beauch./Gagnon/Weisburd)

Everywhere (The Highlander)

I Got You (D. Bailey & F. Whitehouse)

Remember These Words (G. Teather)

Some Kind Of Wonderful (G. O'Reilly)

Thunderbird (A. Biggs & P. Metelnick)

Weekend Vibes (K.H. Winson, J. Barnfield)


Gruppe B

A Man Is In Love (M. Gallagher, G. O'Reilly)

Brunch (Pol F. Ryan)

Contigo With Me (G. O'Reilly)

Lonely Hearts (M. Gallagher)

Shenandoah (O. Jacobson)

Shouting To The Monsters (N. Poulsen)

Til You Can't (G. O'Reilly)

2. Halbjahr 2021 


Bad Habits (M. Gallagher & G. O'Reilly)

Best Of Us (M. Gustavson/D. Leibing)
Cold Heart (M. Glover)
Corn (R. Fowler)
Cruel Intentions (K.H. Winson)
Here We Go (M. Gallagher/G. O'Reilly)
I'll Be There (Th. Haynes)
Into The Dark Night (V. Morris)
Mockingbird (N. Gifford)
My Bestie (C. Ghys/J.M. Belloque Vane)
Raised Like That (D. Bailey)
Same Boat (R. McEnaney)
Train Wreck (N. Poulsen)
Wan't You Dance Wirth Me (B. Holcomb)
What A Song Can Do (H. Barton/A. Hayes)
Would Have Loved Her (D. Nailey)




11.07.2022 - 21.08.2022

Start Montag 22.08.2022


03.10.2022 - 16.10.2022

Start Montag 17.10.2022


26.12.2022 - 08.01.2023

Start Montag 09.01.2023


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